What to do if you have no or low water pressure in your house

Suffering from no or low water pressure in your house can be a pain, especially if you have a busy schedule, but worry not. A&D Plumbing services are here to…

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Air Source Heat Pumping: What you need to know

What are air source heat pumps? Air source heat pumps take heat from the air outside and use it to function radiators, hot water systems, underfloor heating and warm air…

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What to do if you smell gas at home

Gas appliances are efficient, clean, reliable and make for an ideal domestic fuel. You can have gas furnaces, gas water heaters, gas ranges, cooktops, ovens, gas clothes dryers, gas fireplaces…

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Best ways to unblock a Toilet and when to call a Professional

The plunger won’t work, your toilet is still running and now the toilet’s water level is close to overflowing, these are all concerns that we want to tackle quickly. A&D…

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How to thaw a frozen boiler condensate pipe

There are many things to read up on when becoming a homeowner but it’s only as and when we come across these hurdles, such as frozen boiler condensate pipes, when…

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Bathroom taps with running water

Why Does The Water in My Home Taste Bad?

Does the water in your home taste or smell off? Perhaps it tastes stale, or like chlorine, and it’s much stronger smelling in the morning than it is in the…

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King's College, Cambridge

Cows About Cambridge

Herd of Cows About Cambridge 2020? What is Cows About Cambridge 2020? - you may ask. This is a public art event where a smattering of over 50 cow sculptures…

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Blue photovoltaic solar panels construction

The Future of the Plumbing Industry

The evolution of technology is terrifyingly rapid but the surge of smart products and home systems have revolutionised the residential services industry. HVAC technicians, electricians and plumbers are installing, maintaining…

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Plumbing engineer completing boiler maintenance.

What is an HVAC Technician?

HVAC is short for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and HVAC/R, includes refrigeration. A HVAC Technician installs, repairs and maintains all of these units and ensures these machines and technologies…

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Gas boiler control panel. Home heating.

Why does my boiler pilot light go out?

Frustrated by your boiler’s pilot light that keeps turning off? The boiler is one of the most important elements of the home, providing us with warmth and hot water, and…

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Smart Heating Control on a smart pad

Understanding Central Heating Controls

To ensure you’re using your heating to its utmost potential, it’s important to understand all of your central heating controls. A&D Plumbing Services are here to take you through the…

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Worcester Bosch Boilers: Fault & Error Codes

There is no ‘right’ time for your boiler to break down. Nor is the event ever stress-free. The first step to fixing a problem is by identifying what could be…

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