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Make Your Home Gas Safe

Regular maintenance and professional help will keep your home working efficiently for longer. From central heating and boilers to gas cookers and power flushing, all heating and plumbing services must cater to the needs of each room in your home.Click on the rooms in the interactive house below to learn more about the areas of your home which A&D Plumbing Services can help you with.


An annual gas safety check must be carried out on every gas appliance/flue by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Central Heating Installation

If you have noticed that the radiator in your bedroom isn’t heating up properly when switched on, it's more than likely that there is an issue with your central heating. If you are replacing your entire central heating system, you will need to work out how many functioning working radiators you need in your home when contacting a heating company, so don’t forget your bedroom!

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  • Gas Safety Certificates for Landlords

    To prove all gas appliances have been tried and tested and are completely safe to use, a Gas Safe registered company will provide gas safety certificates following inspections of the items. They will check all pipework, appliances and flue to ensure they remain in a safe condition.

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  • Power Flushing

    As an effective maintenance method, power flushing removes any sludge or debris which has built up inside your central heating system, restoring it back to full working condition.

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  • Bathroom

    Updating the fixtures and fittings in your bathroom requires the attention of a qualified heating and plumbing expert.

    Bathroom Installation

    As well as looking the part, all of the fixtures and fittings in your bathroom must work properly when required. From immersion heaters and expansion tanks to radiators and ventilation, improper installation or damage can affect the functionality of your bathroom.

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  • Unblocking Toilets

    If you have noticed that the water in your toilet takes a while to go down or the excess water overflows out of the bowl, it’s more than likely that your toilet is suffering from a blockage. Hiring the unblocking services of a plumbing professional will restore your toilet back to a fully functioning order.

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  • Shower Installation

    Whilst it may be tempting to fit your new electric shower, mixer shower or power shower yourself, the varying water systems and connecting pipework means all products must be installed in accordance with local Building Regulations.

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  • Hallway

    1 in 10 boilers inspected by Gas Safe registered engineers are found to be unsafe!

    Central Heating Services

    A faulty radiator or a broken thermostat in your hallway/landing can mean problems with your central heating system or boiler which will need the immediate attention of a heating expert.

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  • Smart Technology

    There’s no need to heat an empty home, so try controlling your heating and hot water via your smartphone remotely with the smart-tech wireless thermostats and apps. Not only will this improve your green credentials, it could also help save money on your energy bills.

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  • Living Room

    1 in 2 gas fires inspected by Gas Safe registered engineers are unsafe!

    Central Heating Maintenance

    Regular maintenance on your central heating system by an expert will quickly detect any potential faults before they develop into larger, more costly issues - this is particularly important in the lead-up to the cold winter months.

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  • Gas Fire Installation and Repairs:

    As with gas cookers, if your gas fire is installed or repaired incorrectly the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning increases considerably. A blockage in your chimney may cause highly toxic gases to become trapped and escape via the fire in your home. If you suspect this may be a problem in your property, do not use the fire and contact a Gas Safe engineer immediately.


    An audible carbon monoxide alarm must be installed to detect any traces of carbon monoxide gas in the air.

    Gas Cooker Installation

    A clear warning sign that your gas cooker is not working properly and may need replacing is if the flame has changed from crisp blue to a tall yellow colour. When it comes to the installation, if a gas cooker is fitted incorrectly, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning significantly increases.

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  • Kitchen Installation

    The kitchen is a central point of the home where plumbing and heating is used on a daily basis. From installing gas appliances and cookers to clearing blocked pipes and sinks, all services must be carried out safely and legally for a fully functioning kitchen.

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  • Boiler Installation

    Boilers typically last for up to 15 years, so if you have noticed that yours is reaching the end of its life or it isn’t working as well as it used to, it’s probably time for a replacement. Warning signs of a broken boiler include:
    • black stains on or around the unit
    • leaking or dripping
    • low pressure
    • banging, rumbling or whistling sounds from the unit
    • radiators do not heat properly when switched on

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  • Gas Boiler Services

    Whether your new gas boiler needs to be fitted or your current boiler has broken down, quick repair diagnosis, regular maintenance and thorough installations are the main gas boiler services required.

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  • Exterior

    Despite being an odourless gas, a distinctive smell is added to LPG as a safety measure - if you can smell gas in or around your home, make sure you contact a Gas Safe registered company immediately.

    LPG Gas Installation

    Typically stored in a tank outside your home, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is the ideal fuel source for heating appliances and, in some cases, cooking equipment. Such substances must be handled with complete care to avoid any accidents, so hiring a Gas Safe registered expert with the relevant credentials will ensure all LPG services are carried out safely.

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