• The Beginning

    Plumbing has always been a passion of mine, so I decided to enrol myself in a short course to see if I would enjoy pursuing my interest. Turns out I did, as I passed the course with flying colours which led me to take part in other programmes to expand my skill set. It was at this point I decided to use my expertise and start trading, putting in the hard work, dedication and long hours to become my own boss and help the staff at A&D Plumbing develop within the company.

    Challenges In The First Year:

    As most of us know, working in the real world is very different to the classroom. It’s important to show paying customers that you have the knowledge and skills to complete the job successfully, even if you are new to the trade. In the early years of the business, I did a great deal of subcontracting which involved working long hours, seven days a week, so finding work was not a problem.

  • How Have Staff Numbers Grown Year After Year?

    As demand for our services has rapidly increased since we first started over 10 years ago, our staff numbers have grown considerably. To help deal with the workload, we expanded our team by hiring another plumber after two years operating as A&D Plumbing, and an extra gas engineer after three years. Finally, after four years, the increase in incoming work meant we had to move our base from home and open an office with a further member of staff.

    Our First Big Job:

    The biggest job we were hired for during our first few years of business was a bathroom, ensuite and boiler refit all at the same property. We have since decided not to carry out bathroom refits as we want to focus on boiler installations, but we were very proud to be hired for such a large job when we first started.

    We have also carried out unvented cylinder installations, including all new controls and system set-up, so there is no requirement for a cold water storage tank and the extra pipework.

  • Biggest Challenge In The Last 10 Years

    Much like most other businesses, the biggest challenge the company faced in our first 10 years of trading was the recession. Therefore, we consider one of our greatest achievements to be making it through this tough financial time and still providing a comprehensive range of services on the other side.


    The A&D Plumbing Services brand is very important to us. We are proud that A&D Plumbing represents quality and excellence in the plumbing and heating industry. We want to give customers peace of mind that, when they call A&D Plumbing Services, they are hiring the expertise of a fully regulated, insured company.

    Our engineers arrive smartly dressed in uniforms with A&D logos, in A&D liveried vans and with A&D paperwork. You phone A&D Plumbing Services, you get A&D Plumbing Services.

  • What’s Helped A&D Plumbing Services Going Through Hard Times?

    We cannot thank our dedicated team here at A&D Plumbing Services enough for putting in the long hours and hard work to ensure that every job is completed quickly and efficiently. Providing excellent customer service is at the forefront of our business, which is why we work as a close-knit team to deal with any unforeseen problems so the job is finished to the highest levels of care.

    Our Improvements:

    There have been many significant improvements that have taken place within the company which have contributed to its success, including:

    • Improved quality control
    • More extensive knowledge of the industry
    • Faster level of service
    • Better regulated
    • More professional services i.e. uniforms, sign-written vans, cards, better aftercare

    With the hard work and dedication of our committed staff, the company has gone from strength-to-strength in over 10 years of business, allowing both our team to expand and workload to grow.

  • What are some of the Milestones in A&D Plumbing's history?

    As we reflect on over a decade of trading, to say the company has come on leaps and bounds would be an understatement. We have achieved a great deal during the decade, including:

    Matt is the dedicated oil engineer in our team, as well as being a very experienced plumber. Due to his expert skills and vast experience as an oil engineer, Grant appointed us as one of their approved oil boiler installers. We have now been a Grant approved installer for two years and have fitted over 20 Grant oil boilers so far this year. Being a Grant approved installer enables us to offer longer warranties and more comprehensive aftercare service compared to non-approved installers.

  • A & D Plumbing series growth

    As we celebrate being in business for over a decade and reflect on the growth of our company, the number of boiler installations we have carried out has increased significantly over the years.

    In our first year we completed 11 installs, in our second year we completed 27, in our third year we completed 49 installs. Today we are installing close to 100 boilers each year. We continue to build a loyal, repeat customer base who book us to service their boiler each year, ensuring their system is working at maximum efficiency.

    The growth of our company can be reflected in the number of jobs we have successfully completed over the last 10 years. For the first few years, we managed to carry out 500 jobs, and as the business grows we now have the capacity to exceed 4,000 jobs by the end of this year.

  • Highlights of over 10 years of trading?

    The hard work and dedication we have committed to the company over the last 10 years has enabled us to grow considerably. Over this time we have developed our services, ensuring results which will exceed expectations and excellent customer service. These professional services include:

    • Plumbing Services
    • Central heating services
    • Boiler services
    • Gas appliance services
    • LPG Gas safe services
    • OFTEC oil services
    • Commercial boiler services

    Supplying such a comprehensive range of services, that we have build upon year after year, is an achievement we are extremely proud of. Tasks that once seemed unfeasibly complex are now day-to-day jobs handled with ease by myself and the staff.

    The Latest Developments

    One of the most exciting changes we have made this year has been to move to new premises. We had outgrown our old office and it was very exciting to get the keys to our new, lighter, airier and much bigger offices. It has made a tremendous difference to A&D Plumbing Services and the day-to-day running of the business. The space has given our office team more time to focus on customers, as records and office equipment are now readily to hand.

  • Goodwill Gestures We Have Carried Out:

    Providing excellent customer service is very important to us, which is why we are committed to catering to the individual needs of each and every customer. With this is mind, we have completed a couple of jobs for free or at a large discount in certain cases out of goodwill, so the customer does not need to panic about exceeding their budget.

    Examples of goodwill jobs we have carried out since the company started over a decade ago include:

    1. We fitted a shower for a customer in Colchester whose wife had suddenly died of cancer leaving her husband with two young children. Once we had completed the installation, he asked what the bill was but we decided to give it to him on the house; he graciously thanked us with a crate of beer a few days later.
    2. We fixed a leak in Woodbridge for a customer who had misheard the prices when the time came to pay the bill. She had recently lost her job and we could see that she couldn’t afford the bill so we reduced it by 80% to cover the van fuel costs.

    Future Growth?

    Without a recession, we aim to be taking on a minimum of one new engineer every year to help deal with the growing demand for our services and increasing workload. We continue to expand our office team to ensure customer queries are answered quickly and jobs are booked in proficiently.

  • Congratulations

    We would like to extend our congratulations to our engineer Kevin, who has dedicated his time and efforts to the company, excelling in every job he has taken on. He has recently added LPG skills to his long list of professional qualifications.

    We would also like to offer a warm welcome to Joe, who recently joined our team. He brings with him a wealth of qualifications for and knowledge and experience about commercial boilers. One of his first commercial boiler jobs for us was to service three boilers used to heat a large equine centre in Essex. He expertly identified a few worn parts, and replaced these to ensure the boilers will be working effectively during the colder months.

    Great to have you as part of our team Joe!

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