Gas Fired Boiler mounted on a wall

Buying the Best Boiler in 2019

Kickstart your new year with a heating system that will last a lifetime. It can be a struggle to decide which boiler is best for your home - and your…

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Water leaking out of a pipe on top of a water heater.

What to do when your pipes spring a leak

A leaky pipe is a dreaded event for all homeowners, and it can be all too easy to panic and not deal with the situation intelligently. If a pipe springs…

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8 Ways To Get Your Boiler Ready for Winter

While the UK has basked in an uncharacteristic heatwave, our boilers have also taken a break. But with cold weather just around the corner, now is the prime time to…

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Gas-Fired Boiler place against a plain background.

What is Boiler Plus and What Does the New Legislation Mean?

Are you installing or replacing a gas combi boiler for your home? If so, you should be aware of the new legislation, Boiler Plus, which came into effect on the…

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A&D Plumbing Services | Only The Brave 2018

Only the Brave 2018 Featuring A&D Plumbing Services

A&D Plumbing Services got down in the dirt this March by competing in Only The Brave 2018, described as ‘East Anglia’s hugely popular mud obstacle race.’ Taking place at Elveden…

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OFTEC and the Green Deal Fund Extension (article update)

The Green Deal initiative is a scheme backed by the UK Government which is designed to help homeowners and businesses cut down on their emissions and save money on their energy bills. Applicable to any home and business premises in England, Scotland and Wales that is fitted with an electricity meter, the scheme works by giving homeowners and business owners the opportunity to have any efficiency improvements required carried out, but with only a small percentage of the installation costs paid upfront. The savings allow homeowners to gradually pay back the loan using the savings made on the energy bills. When…

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Why does my home suffer from condensation?

Condensation can cause misery for homeowners, particularly in winter when doors and windows remain closed and central heating systems are turned up to their maximum levels. We ask Tim Cork, founder of independent window broker You Choose Windows, for his advice on how to prevent condensation in your home. Although windows are usually the place you first notice condensation because glass has the lowest temperature of any of the interior surfaces in the house, faulty windows do not cause condensation. Condensation occurs when humidity in the air encounters cold surfaces such as windows, walls and pipes and turns into water. The…

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The Start of A&D Plumbing Services Plumbing has always been a passion of mine, so I decided to enrol myself in a short course to see if I would enjoy pursuing my interest. Turns out I did, as I passed the course with flying colours which led me to take part in other programmes to expand my skill set. It was at this point I decided to use my expertise and start trading, putting in the hard work, dedication and long hours to become my own boss and help the staff at A&D Plumbing develop within the company. Challenges In The…

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Top Tips for Your Household Radiators

Keeping your radiators in top condition is vital for getting the most out of your system, but it can be difficult to keep this condition as a constant, which is why this article will run through some of the best ways to look after your radiators. Painting It may seem like a rather innocuous issue, but being careful with the number of layers of paint on your radiator is important to ensuring the efficiency of your radiator. The more layers there are, the less efficient your radiator will be. It is also very difficult to remove layers of paint from a…

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Water Treatment for Central Heating Systems

Central heating systems are used on a nearly daily basis by people around the world, and like any other system, it is liable to encounter faults over time, especially if you have it for a significant number of years. However, there are a number of ways you can treat your system to maximise its performance and minimise the possibility of faults. Water treatment is a very effective method of caring for your system and coupled with various other factors it can significantly enhance the performance and lifespan of your central heating. Building Regulations, British Standards and the majority of boiler manufacturers…

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Sure Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Adding more value to your home can be achieved in a number of ways, with methods varying in size, cost and overall impact. From aesthetic changes to improvements to the inner workings of your home, with a few simple processes, you can add to the value of your home and make it more attractive to buyers. Central Heating Older houses may not come equipped with central heating, so Victorian or Edwardian homes may need to have this feature added. To fit central heating in a three bedroom Victorian or Edwardian home of average size would cost between £3,000 and £4,000. As well…

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Your Plumbing Problems Solved

Whether you live in a small flat or you own a large house, over the course of your time in your home you will almost certainly encounter some plumbing issues at one point or another. When these problems occur, it can be difficult to know where to start, so this article will look at ways to tackle these issues and keep your plumbing systems working as the should. Slow Heating If the water from your taps is taking a long time to heat up, it can be quite a difficult problem to solve. Check your hot water storage tank, if your…

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