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Why an Emergency Plumber Can Save You Money in the Long Run

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Why an Emergency Plumber Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Plumbing emergencies aren’t events you want to have to deal with very often, because left unchecked they can cause considerable damage to your home, your property, and even your life. 

By its very nature, an emergency plumber on 24-hour call is going to be a more expensive option than standard plumbing services, so it’s understandable that we might hesitate before calling one out. This month, we’re going to look at a few plumbing emergencies and see why emergency plumbers could nevertheless cost considerably less than the alternative.

Burst Pipes

Water pipes might burst because they’re old and worn out, because a connection has become loose, or maybe as a result of freezing in winter. Whatever the cause, it’s likely to result in water dripping, flowing, or even gushing out and into your home. You might be able to stop a drip yourself or put something underneath to catch the water, but anything faster and you’ll struggle.

Depending on where it’s landing, that water can do serious damage to walls, floors, and ceilings, ruin carpets, cause serious electrical issues and destroy irreplaceable personal belongings. And the longer it goes on, the more damage is likely to be done, so when it comes to burst pipes and water leaks, you really need to get an expert out to get it sorted as soon as you notice there’s a problem.

Plumbing Engineer with spanners tightens a radiator tap.

Blocked Toilet

Blocked toilets can cause all manner of problems, the main ones being the potential damage caused by raw sewage backing up into your home, the awful smells and the uncomfortable fact that you won’t be able to use your loo until the blockage has gone.

If you want to try and fix the problem yourself, we really recommend you don’t try anything more complicated than using a plunger unless you’re 100% confident of what you’re doing. Otherwise, you could end up with an even bigger problem than you started with and – given what is likely to be coming out – prove not only very messy but also extremely expensive to put right afterwards.

Broken Boiler

If you’ve got a combination boiler, it’s going to be providing your hot water as well as your heating in winter. If it breaks down, you’ll have to resort to other methods to heat your water and your home, and in neither case are there going to be cheap alternatives. Boiling a kettle every time you want to do some washing up, or using an electric heater to provide some warmth on a cold evening, will quickly become very costly compared to the efficient operation of a modern boiler.

If your shower runs off the boiler, rather than electricity, then you’ll also have to put up with cold showers until you can get your boiler fixed!

close up image of engineer fixing boiler underneath

DIY Disasters

We all like to save some money by doing what jobs we can around the house rather than bearing the expense of paying someone else to do them. Not all of us, however, are necessarily as good as we like to think we are and it can be easy to get things wrong, especially when dealing with plumbing and water. One little mistake and before you know it you’ve got water pouring all over the place.

Before making things worse, it’s far better to get in an expert immediately to make sure you’re suffering as little damage as possible.

Here at A&D Plumbing Services, our team of experts can deal with all your plumbing emergencies – we’re just a call away, day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even better, help keep everything in top condition by taking advantage of our regular plumbing services so that you’re far less likely to need our emergency plumbers in the first place!

Get in touch with us now to find out more. We’re here for those in Colchester, Braintree, Ipswich, and the surrounding areas.


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