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A Guide to Power Flushing

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A Guide to Power Flushing

Modern central heating systems can be extremely efficient, but to keep them at their best it’s advised that you have certain regular maintenance procedures carried out. This will give a far better chance of your central heating warming your home both efficiently and cost-effectively, not to mention having a considerably longer lifespan.

Annual boiler maintenance is one common service that can help do this and is highly recommended, but another you may be less familiar with is power flushing.

In this article, the team at A&D Plumbing Services is going to explore what power flushing is, provide tips on how to identify when you might need it and discover what benefits it can bring.

What Is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a way of removing sludge, rust, limescale and other debris that over time can clog up your central heating system’s pipes and radiators. To do this, a special cleaning agent is added to the system water and flushed through at high speed with the aid of a specialised pumping machine. 

As the water goes through, it loosens the materials causing the blockage, washes them through the system and ejects them at the other end. Usually, what comes out will be noticeably discoloured, in which case the process needs to be repeated until the water being emitted from the system is clean and registers a neutral pH reading.

Power flushing can be carried out on the whole system or in specific areas where a problem has been identified, such as sections of pipework or individual radiators.

Signs Your Heating System Might Need a Power Flush

There are several indicators that a power flush might be needed, including:

  • Cold spots on radiators
  • Radiators are slow to warm up or don’t work at all
  • Leaky pipes or radiators
  • Dirty water when radiators are bled
  • Your boiler cuts out while being reset
  • Noise from the boiler or pump

Close up image of a radiator.


You would also usually be advised to have your heating system flushed when connecting a new boiler to an old heating system to avoid contaminants within the system from damaging the new boiler.

Benefits of Power Flushing

By using power flushing to remove blockages that otherwise might not only continue to inhibit the efficient operation of your boiler but also stop it from working altogether, you get numerous worthwhile benefits. 

These include:

  • No need to dismantle the system in order for work to be done
  • Prolonging the working life of your central heating system
  • Faster and more efficient home heating
  • Lower running costs on your heating

Power Flushing with A&D Plumbing Services

Here at A&D Plumbing Services, we offer professional power flushing services to customers living in and around Colchester, together with the wider areas around Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

If you’d like to know more or get a quick quote for our experienced engineers to power flush your home’s heating system, please get in touch with us now.


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