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Why does my home suffer from condensation?

Condensation can cause misery for homeowners, particularly in winter when doors and windows remain closed and central heating systems are turned up to their maximum levels. We ask Tim Cork, founder of independent window broker You Choose Windows, for his advice on how to prevent condensation in your home. Although windows are usually the place you first notice condensation because glass has the lowest temperature of any of the interior surfaces in the house, faulty windows do not cause condensation. Condensation occurs when humidity in the air encounters cold surfaces such as windows, walls and pipes and turns into water. The…

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Sure Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Adding more value to your home can be achieved in a number of ways, with methods varying in size, cost and overall impact. From aesthetic changes to improvements to the inner workings of your home, with a few simple processes you can add to the value of your home and make it more attractive to buyers. Central Heating Older houses may not come equipped with central heating, so Victorian or Edwardian homes may need to have this feature added. To fit central heating in three bedroom Victorian or Edwardian home of average size would cost between £3,000 and £4,000. As well…

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OFTEC and The Green Deal Fund Extension

The Green Deal initiative is a scheme backed by the UK Government which is designed to help homeowners and businesses cut down on their emissions and save money on their energy bills. Applicable to any home and business premise in England, Scotland and Wales that is fitted with an electricity meter, the scheme works by giving homeowners and business owners the opportunity to have any efficiency improvements required carried out, but with only a small percentage of the installation costs paid upfront. OFTEC General Director Jeremy Hawksley said: “It’s excellent news that DECC is to extend the scheme but in order…

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OFTEC Training Courses

When people work with oil-fired equipment, it is vital to ensure they are properly trained to complete the tasks expected of them. Staff who are unable to recognise signs of danger can present a hazard, not just to themselves but to their colleagues and members of the public. Furthermore, as an oil engineer they should be aware of how to deliver the product appropriately, without causing any wastage. It not correct to assume that an employee’s previous training is sufficient for their role year after year. In the oil-fired industry, as in many others, the equipment and procedures change over time….

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LPG – How to Stay Gas Safe

The use of LPG carries with it many rules regarding its safe use and installation, all of which should be adhered to strictly in order to ensure maximum safety. When choosing an installer of your liquefied petroleum gas system, make sure that you get the details of the work recorded in writing, particularly the following: 1. The date of the commencement of work, the length of the process and who will be notifying Local Authority Building Control when necessary. 2. The details of the work, the materials that will be used and the appliances that will be included. 3. Extra inclusions…

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How to Repair an Oven

Over the course of its lifetime, your oven will experience some issues. Some of them will be minor, but you also may be unfortunate enough to have your oven totally break down, which can be incredibly inconvenient. Although some cases may require some professional assistance, there are cartain faults that can be repaired by yourself if you know how. This article will discuss a few common faults and how you can repair them. Disassembling a Gas Range The gas range cabinet of an oven is easy to take apart, and only requires a few simple steps to do so: – Remove…

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Smart Technology on the Rise

Technology is now an important part of everyday life for millions of people, with its rapid development showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. These innovations have also made an impact in the plumbing industry, with 93% of participants in a recent poll of plumbers stating that they have implemented smart technology in their daily work routines. Plumbers are using technology in a number of different ways, from using their smartphones to download technical instructions to looking up specifications for components or ordering new parts themselves. The speed of this technology allows plumbers to access the information they need…

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Warm Home Discount Scheme

As energy costs continue to rise, keeping your home warm can seem like an increasingly expensive task, particularly in the winter months. However, the Warm Home Discount Scheme is a new initiative from the UK’s leading energy companies to help households on lower incomes stay warm this winter. While increases may not be a surprise to households, the amount that they are increasing by is continually on the rise, making it more and more costly for low income homes to stay warm. The annual increase on energy costs can range from 3.9% (£49) with EDF Energy to 10% (£137) with npower,…

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Welcome to our new blog!

As part of our dedication to offering a fantastic customer service we want to share as much information with you as possible and a great way for us to do this is by starting a blog! So we’d like to welcome you to our brand new blog space. Here we’ll be posting articles about our company news, the latest findings in the industry and general interesting things about plumbing, drainage and boilers, as well as top tips you may find useful. Make sure you return back to this page soon to read our first ever blog post, but in the meantime…

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