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The Future of the Plumbing Industry

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The Future of the Plumbing Industry

The evolution of technology is terrifyingly rapid but the surge of smart products and home systems have revolutionised the residential services industry. HVAC technicians, electricians and plumbers are installing, maintaining and repairing new devices that didn’t exist many years ago – keeping skilled workers in jobs and creating more for the up and coming generations.  

Smart Heating Control on a smart pad

Popular plumbing trends 2019
From motion sensor kitchen and bathroom faucets, to hands-free toilet flushers, the role of a plumber is changing. A plumber’s job is much more complex – they must be able to grasp how all of these new systems work and how they should be installed – so that they’re up to date with the newest technologies and high customer demand.

Technology is changing a plumber’s day-to-day schedule and that’s because customers are wanting:

  • Smart pipes
    Automatic plumbing systems offer customers the ability to monitor water pressure, and will alarm the user when there’s a leaking or damaged pipe – pinpointing the exact location. This eliminates any doubt of where the problem is and speeds up the process, which means issues can be solved immediately, preventing permanent damage to properties or local areas.

    Smart pipes require minimal excavations, meaning environmental and public disruptions are unlikely, making them relatively quick and easy to install. Smart pipes can be installed in domestic environments, ecological preserves and industrial areas.

pipes of under floor heating in construction of new residential house

  • Hands-free taps and fixtures
    Sensor faucets offer a number benefits: they help to reduce water waste, lessen the chance of germs spreading, are simple to use and convenient – especially for those less-abled.

    These smart systems can be added into homes, hotels, kitchens, airports and public washrooms, etc. They work to save water because they turn off when they do not sense movement, so no taps will be left on. Unwashed hands need not touch any tap to turn it on or back off – preventing the age-old germ concern – and what’s more, they’re incredibly simple to use.  
  • Tankless water systems
    Most 1990 water heater tanks will be coming to the end of their efficiency and many homeowners will need to start considering their next replacement. Most homeowners are opting for tankless water heating systems. These types of tanks, heat water almost immediately – which makes the whole system more efficient.

    Tankless water systems are extremely responsive and help to reduce your carbon footprint and saving you money on your bills.

Electric blue power buttonBenefits of smart systems
Advanced technology keeps adding to the value of our workers and changing the future role of our technicians, plumbers and electricians. This fast-paced environment means workers must be knowledgeable of the newest technologies, understanding how they work, how they should be installed, maintained and repaired.

  • Green, energy saving systems
    Today’s new improved plumbing technology enables homeowners to ‘go green’. New fixtures, such as dishwashers, taps, showers and toilets are using much less water than before and still providing exceptional operation.

    The demand for tankless water heaters has dramatically risen – even though these systems are more expensive initially – homeowners can see that they will make greater future savings, when it comes to bills and entire system replacements (as tankless water heaters have longer lifespans).

Blue photovoltaic solar panels construction

  • Luxurious living
    Homeowners everywhere want spa-like luxury fittings and fixtures within their very own homes and who can blame them!

    With countless individuals opting for large walk-in showers, hands-free taps and smart touch toilet flushers, these simple plumbing modifications and installations are common jobs that have become the answer to those wanting luxurious living.

    As well as enjoying smart living, homeowners are looking at how they can maximise cleanliness and minimise the spreading of germs. Specialised systems work off motion and others, smartphone apps – where you can even speak to the system to turn it on and off!   
  • Worthwhile upgrades
    System advancements are not only working in favour of our technicians but homeowners across the world. As more and more systems need replacing, more homeowners are replacing them with smart technology, improving your everyday and keeping plumbers in jobs for countless years to come.

At A&D Plumbing Services, all of our work is carried out by fully qualified, insured and expert engineers. For emergency plumbing services, central heating services, boiler services, gas appliance installation, oil services, gas services or other, call or email our friendly team today. We operate throughout Colchester, Cambridge, Essex and the surrounding areas.


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