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Ways To Save On Heating

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Ways To Save On Heating

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With rises in energy costs being national news recently, more and more focus is being placed on energy efficiency and saving money on your heating bills. While we may be approaching summer and your heating may not be required as much, there are still steps you can take to save yourself some money and avoid any nasty surprises on your bills.

Turn your thermostat down

This may seem like it goes without saying, but it is easy to forget to turn your thermostat off when it is not needed. By turning your thermostat down by 10 degrees when you go to work, returning it to your desired temperature when you’re at home and then turn it down again when you go to bed, you can save approximately 14% on your heating bill.

Use insulation

Insulation can be an incredibly useful heat-saving tool. Studies have shown that a third of heat is lost through the roof, so by insulating your home you can avoid such drastic heat loss. Insulation may carry a noticeable upfront cost (270mm costs around £250) but it can save you up to £100 a year on your bills.

Keep an eye on fan use

Only use extractor fans when absolutely necessary. By leaving them on for longer than you need to, you are using up energy and simply increasing your energy bill. You can facilitate this by using extractor fans that are fitted with a timer – alternatively, there are some ventilation units that are fitted with heat recovery systems to aid energy saving.

Don’t heat empty rooms

Make sure that any rooms that are rarely used (spare bedrooms, utility rooms, lofts and attics etc.) aren’t using any unnecessary heat. Ensure that all radiators in these rooms are turned down to the lowest setting to save as much heat as possible.

Use an efficient boiler

If you have an older model of boiler, the chances are it is less efficient than its more modern counterparts. Modern boilers are designed to be much more energy efficient, particularly condensing boilers. Buying a new boiler can save you up to £235 a year, so get in touch with your heating company today to find out which boiler is best for you.

Here at A&D Plumbing Services, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge of central heating services, allowing us to install, maintain and repair systems of all makes and models. Whether you need a brand new boiler for your home or you need to have a radiator fixed, we have everything you need to give you the best possible service at excellent prices.

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