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How to Repair an Oven

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How to Repair an Oven

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Over the course of its lifetime, your oven will experience some issues. Some of them will be minor, but you also may be unfortunate enough to have your oven totally break down, which can be incredibly inconvenient. Although some cases may require some professional assistance, there are cartain faults that can be repaired by yourself if you know how. This article will discuss a few common faults and how you can repair them.

Disassembling a Gas Range

The gas range cabinet of an oven is easy to take apart, and only requires a few simple steps to do so:

– Remove the screws that are holding the panels in place, and take off the control knobs.

– Most of these control knobs can be pulled straight off, whereas some may require screws in the base to be removed with a screwdriver or Allen key.

– Remove the back panel by removing the screws around the edge and prying off any molding trim.

– To access burners, remove the grates and then the top of the range entirely, which is either possible by lifting it off or opening it using a hinge mechanism.

– If the oven light has burnt out, this can be simply unscrewed and replaced (make sure the new bulb has the same wattage as the old one)

Cleaning the Burners

Turn off the power supply to your range (both gas and electric). You can then remove the burner. Once it is removed, soak it in water mixed with a mild detergent, before cleaning it with a soft cloth. Only replace the burner once it is completely dry, and then turn the gas and electricity back on.

Repairing Oven Setting Controls

– Remove the control knob

– Remove the back or front service panel (it may be necessary to remove both)

– If any other control knobs need to be removed, do so, and then you should find the oven setting control at the back of the control knob, held in place by two screws.

– Either replace the control with an existing control that you know is working, or a brand new one made for the oven.

– Test the control settings and you should get conclusive results

– Disconnect the electrical wires from the control terminal, remove the control and connect the new one in the same way as the previous version was connected.

It is important that you take the proper precautions, no matter what type of safety work you are carrying out. When working on ovens, ensure all gas and electricity supplies to them are shut off. If there is any doubt that you may be able to fix the issue, call a professional engineer to fix it for you – you may exacerbate the problem if you try it yourself.

Here at A&D Plumbing Services, we offer the highest quality electrical and gas appliance services to customers throughout Braintree, Colchester, Ipswich and the surrounding areas. If you have an oven issue that you can’t fix yourself, get in touch with us today 01206 205 940 – and we’ll be happy to help.


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