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What to do when your pipes spring a leak

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What to do when your pipes spring a leak

Water leaking out of a pipe on top of a water heater

A leaky pipe is a dreaded event for all homeowners, and it can be all too easy to panic and not deal with the situation intelligently. If a pipe springs a leak in your home or business – keep a clear head and follow these five simple steps.

5 Things to do When Your Pipe Bursts

Shut Off the Water

The first step is to switch the water valve off, stopping the water in its tracks and making the whole situation that bit more manageable. Find the mains shut off valve (usually located outside, near the meter or in the basement) and turn it clockwise to turn off.

Turn the Taps On

Even after you have turned the water supply off, it is still worth turning on all the taps in your home and letting your pipes run dry – hopefully preventing the remaining water from leaking out of the damaged pipe.

Mop up the Water

It’s time to clear up. Leaving excess water pooling in your home will only exacerbate the damage. The difficulty of this operation will depend on the severity of the leak. Use towels to soak up the water, wringing them out and repeating this process as many times as is necessary. If you have a mop to hand, now is the time use it.

Discover the Source of the Leak

We appreciate that the average homeowner will have limited plumbing knowledge, but if you can identify where the leak is coming from (even roughly) this will give the plumber valuable information to help them prepare for their arrival. Notice where along the pipe is affected, whether the leak is small or large, or whether multiple areas are affected. Use your hands to feel for dampness or cracks if you’re unsure.

Call a Professional

Understand that all of the above are temporary fixes that will not bring a complete, expert resolution. Only the attention of a professional will resolve the problem to a high, and safe, standard. Once you have made safe your home in a temporary way, it’s time to arrange a callout with a trusted plumbing professional – they will offer a more permanent solution that will restore the quality of your pipe and save you headaches in the future.

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