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Are Broken Boilers Making Essex Families Unwell?

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Are Broken Boilers Making Essex Families Unwell?

In September earlier this year, families in Essex raised concerns that their boilers were making their children unwell. Surveys by experts showed that the boilers were to be classed as ‘immediately dangerous’ and the systems were shut off, leaving families of Arnhem Road in Melbourne without hot water or central heating for a week.

The reason for the closure of the boiler systems was the concern about nitrogen oxide, which is a byproduct of the combustion process that occurs within boilers. Homeowners complained that the boilers could be releasing these gases into their homes, which in turn could cause detrimental health effects such as stomach aches, coughs and respiratory issues. Once the boiler company was alerted, the problem was rectified but residents feared that had they not been made aware of it, the problem could have worsened and the health effects could have been far more severe.

This development and the potential health issues that surround such concerns are a pertinent reminder as to why it is so important to ensure your boiler is working correctly at all times. By contacting a professional engineer, you can arrange for your boiler to have an annual safety check – this will allow the engineer to fully survey your system and see if it has any faults or any signs of faults developing. A sign that your boiler may be developing a fault is if it is taking longer to heat your home or not heating up at all. There can be a number of reasons for this, from a leak to a faulty connection, but be sure to contact an engineer to inspect the system.

Purchasing boiler cover from your local heating company can also provide you with many benefits, in particular the knowledge that you always have a professional engineer ready to help should your boiler encounter a problem, rather than having to risk calling an engineer only to be told that there are no available slots. It also saves you money, as the set rate for boiler cover can often include free safety checks.

A&D Plumbing Services is proud to provide all of our customers with the highest standard of boiler services, all year round. Our expert engineers can provide installation, servicing and repairs for boilers of all makes, models and ages.

So whether you have an old boiler that needs repairing or you’d like a brand new, energy efficient model installed, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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