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8 Ways To Get Your Boiler Ready for Winter

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8 Ways To Get Your Boiler Ready for Winter

While the UK has basked in an uncharacteristic heatwave, our boilers have also taken a break. But with cold weather just around the corner, now is the prime time to ensure your boiler is fully functional and ready for the grip of winter – after all, it is working harder during these months. So, what boiler checks should you perform before the cold kicks in?

How do I check my boiler before winter?

Do a Test Turn-On:

Seems simple, but just quickly testing your heating prior to the colder weather is the ideal time to assess whether your boiler is in a healthy enough state for winter.  

Insulate Your Pipes:

If it is feasible to, insulating your pipe system can give it the thermal support it needs to prevent the pipes from freezing – and therefore, reduce the chance of your boiler failing on you. The months ahead of winter can be the ideal time to complete these works.

Check Your Radiator:

Feel your radiators when the heating is on. Are they cold towards the bottom? This could indicate trapped air within the radiator – bleeding your radiator should solve this problem. If the issue persists, however, this could be a sign of a sludge build-up which could hinder your heating system in a big way. Power flushing or cleaning the radiator is the primary way to combat this.

Check Your Boiler Pressure:

Most boilers should come kitted out with a boiler pressure gauge. A quick glance will tell you if the pressure is in the red or the green – generally between 1 and 1.5. Reduced pressure may negatively affect the hot water travelling around your heating system. If your pressure is too high, try bleeding the radiators. If the pressure is too low, try using your refilling loop to increase the pressure. Should your boiler pressure be very temperamental, it’s time to seek the help of a trained professional.

Buy a Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

A carbon monoxide leak is an incredibly serious event, indicative of a problem with your heating system – purchasing an alarm can literally save lives. Already have one? Check that it’s working by using its test button.

Check for Thermostat Faults:

Is your thermostat being responsive? If you suspect an error with your thermostat, then try replacing the batteries first – failing that, get a professional out to take a look.

Give Your Boiler a Clean:

Sometimes just giving your boiler a quick clean can rid it of dirt and debris that may be impeding its effectiveness. Ensure you carry out any cleaning with safety in mind.

Arrange an annual service:

An annual boiler service is a must-do for any homeowner. A professional eye can pick up on problems a non-qualified individual may miss, ensuring that any issues are stopped in their tracks and receive the attention they need without delay. These services also make sure your boiler is gas safe to protect the health and safety of your home and occupants. If you suspect a problem before your annual service is due – don’t wait. Arrange a call-out as soon as possible, making sure it’s with a Gas Safe accredited company such as A&D Plumbing.

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