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10 Questions to Ask Your New Plumber

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10 Questions to Ask Your New Plumber

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Are They A Licensed Plumber?

When you are considering hiring a plumber you should first establish whether they are licensed. If a plumber is licensed, then this will prove that they are professional enough to cope with all types of plumbing-related issues. If you gamble on using an unlicensed plumber there is a much greater chance of their work being unsatisfactory. As a consequence, the existing problem will still remain, and you’ll then have the stress of having to hire another plumber.

Have They Got Insurance?

Like licensing, insurance should be something that covers a plumber – and you. Insurance should cover anything from accidents to mistakes, and even theft. Without insurance a plumber is likely to be more selective about what type of job they are prepared to tackle.

How Long Will You Take Before You Start On A Job?

This can be a crucial consideration when you hire a plumber. If you have a pipe that is leaking badly, for instance, a quick response time is vital. Even if you are insured, watching your home flood is never less than a stressful experience. If you’re not insured the difference, in monetary terms, between a plumber who arrives quickly, and one who doesn’t, can be enormous. It can also be the difference between being able to stay in your home or having to move into temporary accommodation.

Does Their Service Operate 24/7?

It’s sensible to make a note of legitimate plumbers, and the differences between those that undertake a round the clock emergency service and those that carry out non-emergency work. The latter will usually not visit a property in an emergency, or be available 24/7, while the former will be, but won’t normally come out for minor problems.

What Are Their Specific Areas Of Expertise?

Even good plumbers will be better equipped at dealing with some problems than others. By ensuring that you have the best plumber for a particular job it makes sense to ask them what they specialize in.

Do they Have Any References?

A good, experienced plumber should have a number of positive references. While, if they belong to several trade organisations, this will underline their commitment to their job.

How Much Do They Charge?

The specialist nature of plumbing contractors means that you can expect to have to pay different prices for different jobs. Calling out a plumber in an emergency will also be more expensive than would be the case with a simple job.

Are Customers Charged For Travel Time?

As professional plumbers can charge for travel time, it’s wise to hire a good plumber that is as local to you as possible.

Are There Service Fees, Too?

Plumbers can charge a fee just for a visit, so be aware of this in advance, and how much they are likely to charge.

Is There Any Charge For Parts?

Though a professional plumber should reach you with the right parts for the job there is always the chance of an unexpected problem being detected. As a result, different parts may be required. So, find out whether the purchasing of new parts will have an impact on how much you are charged overall.

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